2020: A year to look backwards to move forwards

Looking backwards to move forwards sounds a little bit contradictory. In such a fast paced, progress orientated world it doesn’t often feel like something we can do, as if we’d just end up walking into a wall by accident!

That may be the case but still the act of stopping and looking back at the path you’ve walked can be threaputic. It can remind you of both your achievements and your failures, allowing you to better plan your next steps forward.

I know I’ve been feeling a bit burnt out after a long year investing in the growth of my freelance work while working retail to pay the bills. All stacked on top of a busy house moving schedule! I could easily find myself losing direction if it weren’t for me sitting down and really looking at what’s been done and what should’ve been done about 6 months ago!

In a more global sense this concept is something that needs more focus too. Such a fast paced world is draining on the planet. Heavily discussed these days are the things we’ve done wrong, but there has only been a small group of people that have stopped to look at how we can apply this for positive change. The movement is growing but apathy is still strong. With the revival of forgotten knowledge we can make serious plans to move forward.

In a sense that’s how I came to work under the name RE. It’s a common prefix that often suggests the act of doing something again. Think relive, reconsider or recycle. The fact that it’s the first two letters of my name is a little more coincidental than relevant.

So to begin the decade I’ve decided to start exploring this concept further. It’ll be the focus in my work to come whether I’m writing, making or just thinking. Maybe this way when I move forward I’ll bring someone along with me.

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