Degree: The Threepenny Opera (Final Major)

The Threepenny Opera – Uni Final Major Project

Through the ‘Threepenny Opera’ I have begun to explore the stagnant state of the socio-economic classes found predominantly, but not exclusively, in prosperous countries. Through looking at themes of anatomy and ecology each costume aims to portray the clash between human desire and global requirement. In keeping with the brechtian style, this aims to force people to question the relentless regime of modern day consumerism. The costumes depict a harsh and exaggerated reality. Taking inspiration from German expressionist artists like Otto Dix and Max Beckmann layers, texture and colour are used to represent each character. The predominant colours red and blue represent the bourgeoisie and beggars respectively. These blend to create a range of tones, suggesting each characters place in society.

This design and realisation of Jenny is somewhat richer than what you often see. Jenny is depicted a strong character who has given up a lot to get to where she is. Similar to Mac, her station over the years has risen, as has her clientele. With her elements of her colour pallet being so heavily bourgeoisie, it was fitting for her costume to be clean cut and detailed as she know that if she wants to be rich she has to look the part.